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Hi Car Care
(07) 5330 3423

As a member of the Bosch Car Service Network, Hi Car Care has exclusive access to a massive range of Bosch batteries. Known to be of the highest quality, Bosch batteries keep your car running, year-round.

At Hi Car Care, our team of mechanics are experts in all types of car battery diagnostics and replacements. Offering professional advice to our customers along with industry leading Bosch battery technology, Morayfield residents are in good hands with Hi Car Care technicians.

If you’re in need of a new car battery, it is likely that your vehicle will alert you to the fact.

If your car battery isn’t holding a charge like it used to, you may experience the following: 

  • Needing to jump start your car more than once.
  • The lights in your car failing to turn on.
  • The engine of your vehicle struggling start.

Car owners who have experienced the following are likely in need of a car battery replacement.

We Are Car Battery Experts

All Bosch batteries installed at our workshop come with the Bosch new car battery promise of excellence, ensuring that your car battery is in the best possible condition.

As experts in car battery installations, our team at Hi Car Care know just how important it is that your car battery is in working order. Car batteries are that are on their way out or have died, can compromise your safety when on the road, and should be checked and replaced by a professional. 

At Hi Car Care, we conduct battery checks on your current battery using the high quality diagnostic equipment and industry leading knowledge. Our team ensures that when you drive away from our workshop after a check up or car battery replacement, you can rest assured knowing that your car battery is in a good condition.  

As a general rule, a standard car battery lasts from anywhere between two to five years before it needs replacing. The lifespan of your battery, however, may fall outside this general rule based on how often you drive your car and in what conditions. That’s why it’s necessary to get your car battery checked and replaced with a Bosch battery as soon as you notice any issues. 

Trust Our Experienced Mechanics For Your Next Service

At Hi Car Care, we are your car battery replacement experts.

Working alongside the Bosch Car Service Network, our mechanics uphold the high workmanship standards the Bosch Car Service Network is renowned for. 

All work conducted at our workshop is covered by the Bosch Car Service Network nationwide warranty

All car battery replacements and diagnostics are undertaken based on the manufacturer’s guidelines and are guaranteed not to void your manufacturer’s warranty.

As an added bonus, our workshop opts to install high quality Bosch batteries over lesser quality batteries, for your peace of mind. 

Your car battery keeps your car running. Getting your car battery checked regularly by a trained team of mechanics and replaced when necessary is vital for the overall quality of your car. 

At Hi Car Care, we’re the car battery shop that Morayfield residents trust. With over thirty years of experience, you can trust our team when it’s time to get a new car battery.

To have a chat, get in touch with us today on (07) 5330 3423 or complete our online contact form.

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Hi Car Care
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