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Hi Car Care
(07) 5330 3423

Photo Of A Mechanic Performing General And Log Book Servicing

If you want to ensure your vehicle has a long lifespan, you will need to keep it maintained through regular servicing. When you stay up to date with your general and log book servicing, you will increase the value of your car at resale, keep your warranty intact and ensure that you are safe on the road.

We Are Car Service Experts

The choice to get a general car service or a log book service will depend on the age of your vehicle, but the expert mechanics at Hi Car Care will get the job done right, regardless of which kind of service you require.

A general car service is recommended at least annually, whether your car is under warranty or not. At Hi Car Care, we complete each service with an unmatched attention to detail, keeping your car in excellent condition all year-round.

A log book service is a specialised service carried out by trained professionals, following the standards set by the manufacturer of your vehicle. Dealerships require log book servicing to keep your warranty intact. Log book servicing is usually completed every six months, or 10,000 kms after your last log book service.

If you are in need of any kind of maintenance or repairs, you can make a booking with Hi Car Care to receive the best service in the Morayfield area.

Picture Of A Mechanic Undertaking A Car Service

Trust Us for Your Next Car Service

Our workshop is ready for servicing and repairs of all kinds, making it the go-to car shop for all your auto needs. Morayfield residents choose us for their log book servicing, rather than the dealership they bought the vehicle from. 

Once you no longer need log book servicing, you can easily move onto a regular general car service, keeping your vehicle in optimal condition and allowing you to drive with peace of mind.

Hi Car Care is a member of the Bosch Car Service Network completing all work according to the high standards set by Bosch. We promise excellent workmanship, brilliant customer service and a nationwide guarantee on all work done at our workshop.

Regardless of your servicing needs, you will be receiving the best work when you choose Hi Car Care.

For a car service of any kind, get in contact with our team on (07) 5330 3423 or complete our online contact form.

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Hi Car Care
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