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Hi Car Care
(07) 5330 3423

Picture Of A Mechanic Undertaking Vehicle Inspections

Safety should never be left to chance. Having your vehicle inspected by an experienced mechanic is a key step towards ensuring you and your passengers are as safe as possible on the road. 

Whether it’s a pre-purchase car inspection before buying a used vehicle or meeting insurance requirements to drive passengers commercially, inspections are essential for picking up hazards and warning signs that may not be apparent to the untrained eye.     

Experts in Vehicle Safety Inspections

The team at Hi Car Care has the up-to-date knowledge, technical expertise and equipment to carry out vehicle inspections in accordance with government regulations. We aim to provide you with peace of mind around the safety, reliability and performance of your vehicle. 

With extensive experience in our field and a passion for what we do, our workshop is backed by the Bosch Car Service Network as meeting the highest industry standards. This means all our work comes with a nationwide guarantee, so you’ll never be left high and dry. 

Our expert mechanics are skilled in a range of inspection procedures, including:

  • Pre purchase inspection of used vehicles
  • Roadworthy certificate inspection
  • Pre trip inspection
  • COI vehicle inspection for Uber cars, taxis and limos

Picture Of A Mechanic Doing Vehicle Inspections

Trust Us For Your Next Vehicle Inspection

Need a trustworthy mechanic to inspect a vehicle in the Caboolture area? Don’t go past Hi Car Care. To make an appointment, call our friendly team on (07) 5330 3423, or fill in our online booking form.

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Hi Car Care
in Morayfield, QLD
(07) 5330 3423

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